i'm always looking for different and new challenges

WIP Apartment Tolino Hub (Jul 2019 - now) An always-on 'hub' with nearby train departures, weather information and other stuff for my apartment displayed on a repurposed tolino e-paper touch display.
Abschlussprojekt Daily Bro (July 2019) Vue.js Webbapp to simplify Scrum process with the Jira Rest API and a QR Code Scanner
done Geräte-Ausleihverwaltung (Aug 2018 - Jan 2019) School project with PHP and MVC. Successfully deployt in the school network. v1.2.0 Kiwi (July - December 2018) A simple abstract SQLite3 database model PHP framework done Youtube Subscription Feed Webapp (May 2018) Vue.js. Using the Youtube XML Feed to build a subscription feed without logging into Google
v0.3.3 piqChat (Dec 2017 - 2018) Vue.js Webbapp (PHP Backend) to send end-to-encrypted photos which disappear after 10 seconds of viewing
done (Dec 2017)
done Website lecarré (Dec 2016) Website for a fashion shop
Passwordless Authentication Process (Dec 2016) Using the PHP Laravel Framework
v 1.1 (Dec 2016) Simple Javascript App without any framework (never again)
this This website (Juni 2016) Dynamic website with only css and html and no javascript
replaced (Nov 2016 - Jan 2018) Custom Wordpress Template
done (April 2015)
canceled dreibegriffe (2015) PHP project using Twitter as login method
done (2014) Online Gaming Blog, Custom Wordpress Template
v 2.1.4 antitrends (2013 - 2015) PHP & MySQL (no Framework), let users create "trend-words" and let them vote


you are welcome to contact me...

I'm in the process of publishing more of my projects on public repositories, like Bitbucket.

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Uberspace: Hosted on Asteroids


I'm Carl Reinecken, 22 years old, live in Hamburg and like to code stuff.

I just finished a dual education as "Fachinformatiker für Anwendunsentwicklung" at syracom AG Wiesbaden successfully, and collected valuable work experience.

I guess this website is something like a portfolio, but is at the same time an experiment, to find out if it is possible to do such crazy responsive-solar-system-flat-menu-based site with nothing but CSS. Yes! This site doesn't use a single line of Javascript. Awesome, right?

This website also received a big clean up in the beginning of 2020: I reduced the total size of the site from ~500KB to just ~50KB, by just removing the Open Sans font and replacing the icon font with unicode characters. I also moved the site from being put together from some small PHP functions to a static generated mustache template. Overall I'm hoping to reduce the overall energy footprint from this site with those rather simple changes. Surely the stylesheet could be cleaned up a lot as well, but that's something for some other time.

Here some pictures of me and my friends:

silvester w/ friends
me on sylvester
in berlin with tifenn
somewhere very dry and hot with felix


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Carl Reinecken
62 eßartsneseirF
grubmaH 79002

E-Mail: ten.nekcenier@lrac


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Carl Reinecken